SNEC The 12th (2018) International Solar PV Expo

2019-04-18 11:32:28 63
Display content (exhibits) : A, photovoltaic production equipment: silicon rod silicon silicon ingot production equipment: A full set of production line, casting furnace, crucible, growth furnace and other related equipment of silicon wafer production equipment: A full set of production line, cutting equipment, cleaning equipment, testing equipment, and other related equipment battery production equipment: A full set of production line, etching equipment, cleaning equipment, diffusion furnace, laminator equipment/sedimentation furnace, screen printing machine, other furnace equipment, test instrument and separator, and other related equipment panels/component production equipment: A full set of production line and testing equipment, glass cleaning equipment, connection/welding equipment, laminating film panel production equipment such as: amorphous silicon and copper indium gallium selenium battery CIS/CIGS, cadmium telluride thin film CdTe, dye sensitized cells DSSC production technology and research equipment, photovoltaic cells B: photovoltaic cell manufacturer, cell modules manufacturer and installer battery components, agents, dealers and distributors, concentrated photovoltaic battery, such as C, related spare parts: Battery, charger, controller, transducer, recorder, inverter, monitor, support system, tracking system, solar cable etc. D, photovoltaic raw materials: silicon material, silicon ingot/silicon, silicon, glass, packaging film and other raw materials E, photovoltaic application products: lamp products, power supply system, mobile charger, water pump, solar household products and other solar products F, photovoltaic engineering and system: Photovoltaic system integration, solar air-conditioning system, rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar detection and control system, solar heating system, solar photovoltaic engineering process control and engineering management and software of system G, systems engineering, construction equipment and safety protection: turbine construction equipment, construction vehicles, engineering machinery, the dimensional inspection tools, the work high above the car/sets, scaffolding, electricity safety instruments, personal safety protective equipment H, other solar energy and green building: a. solar heat utilization: Solar central hot water system, household solar water heater, solar heat pump water heater, solar thermal system, solar heating system, integrated solar products, solar water heater manufacturing equipment, solar water heater raw materials and accessories B. Solar photovoltaic, solar thermal power generation: Solar grid photovoltaic power generation system, off-grid photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic complementary wind power generation systems, photovoltaic power transmission and distribution equipment, photovoltaic modules and components and equipment, slot line focus system, tower system, drive system, thermal collectors, heat storage equipment and corresponding materials, heat transfer technology and products, high temperature heat transfer technology and products, systems and control c. solar refrigeration systems and equipment: solar refrigeration products and systems, air to central air-conditioning products, solar energy, ground source heat pump air conditioning d. solar lamps and lanterns and building materials: E.ed technology and products: LED lighting, LED application products, display products/digital signage, parts, modules, kits, etc. Solar energy complementary control equipment and instrumentation, solar pipe pipe fittings, solar control system, solar tube, vacuum tube collectors, flat collector, engineering header, insulation materials, hot and cold water pump, stents, photovoltaic equipment accessories, battery production equipment and accessories materials related to the international energy storage technology and the smart grid a. energy storage technology, equipment and materials: compressed air energy storage, pumped storage, superconducting magnetic energy storage, flywheel energy storage and heat storage/storage cold storage, storage of hydrogen energy storage and can be used for other plug-in electric vehicle energy storage technology, equipment and materials; Batteries (nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, lead-acid battery, intelligent battery, sodium sulfur batteries), energy storage power, super capacitor, renewable fuel cells, fluid flow battery technology, equipment and materials such as b. energy storage power station and EPC project: BMS battery management system, the PCS dc inverter, micro power grid, the electric car charger in power plant and related facilities c. new energy grid-connected with intelligent power transmission and distribution: Grid inverter, light equipment, running monitoring device, dc interconnection control system, flexible transmission equipment, uhv power transmission equipment, high temperature superconductor, high temperature superconducting cable, power distribution automation system and protection system, intelligent switchgear, transformers, transformer, intelligent components, digital substation, substation integrated automation, distribution network automation equipment, on-line monitoring, fault diagnosis and self-healing transmission and distribution equipment, power quality monitoring, harmonic control and reactive power compensation, superconducting electrical technology, all kinds of new type of wire and cable, composite materials, safe protection d. grid scheduling and automatic control: Smart grid dispatching system, scheduling integrated data platform system, power grid security and control, intelligent inspection system, integration of measurement and control system, safety protection and arc suppression line selection solution stability control system, power monitoring system and microcomputer relay protection, wide area dynamic monitoring system, the stable online monitoring system, intelligent distribution network reactive power compensation device, control software, remote control, remote sensing device, large screen display system, power system simulation e. intelligent measurement and power management: Smart meters and chips, remote/centralized meter reading systems, electricity information acquisition systems, electricity management information systems, load management terminals, monitoring systems, inspection devices, metering cabinets and components, measuring instruments, sensors, semiconductors f. smart grid information communication: Internet of things technology, cloud computing technology, multi-network integration technology, transmission technology and equipment, access equipment, fiber optic cable, industrial Ethernet, data communication and network technology and related products and communications equipment, power line carrier machine in factory, form A complete set of equipment and instrument, digital microwave communications equipment, test equipment and instrumentation, online monitoring equipment g. other international new energy cars and charging pile a. new energy vehicles (passenger cars/commercial vehicles) : Electric van, electric cars, electric sightseeing cars, electric golf carts, electric cleaning vehicles, hybrid electric passenger cars, solar electric vehicles, light electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicle (micro mixing, mixing, mixing, mixing in the plug-in hybrid), pure electric vehicle fuel cell vehicles, all kinds of new energy clean fuels such as hydrogen, natural, hybrid vehicles, and various low-emission environmental protection energy-saving cars; B. Power drive system: power battery, battery management system, fuel cell, hybrid power system, drive motor, electric control system, engine, testing and repairing equipment, related test, monitoring, protective instrument, and related technology; C. Key components of new energy vehicles: power capacitors, supercapacitors, flywheels, inverters, electric heat pumps, electric power steering, electric air conditioning, tires, wire connections, electromagnetic technology, and related materials; Coating, gearbox, filter, carburetor, exhaust system; Axle, steering, braking and suspension systems; Body accessories; Electrical machines, electronic devices, electrical systems, circuits, wheels, tires, etc.; D. Automobile design: vehicle design, system control design, etc. E. Charging facilities: charging stations, charging piles; Charging station intelligent network project planning and the results show, the expansion of the gas station filling comprehensive service station (in) power station, gas charging display, solar energy, wind energy complementary new energy automobile charging station technology products, charging station power distribution equipment, charger, power monitoring and control system, active filter is installed 臵, transformer, power distribution cabinets, cable, directly charging equipment, auxiliary equipment, filling in the battery and battery management system, parking charging infrastructure, intelligent monitoring, charging station power supply solutions F other