EES Europe 2018-Munich-Sinlion-Hall

2019-04-18 11:32:28 86

Exhibition introduction:

It is the largest and most influential professional battery energy storage exhibition in Europe, gathering all the internationally renowned enterprises in the industry. In the past 4 years, ees Europe has developed rapidly in recent years and has been a gathering platform for the industry and a leading exhibition in the industry. Among the 450 exhibitors in 2017, 90% of them believe that the audience quality of this exhibition is far higher than other similar exhibitions. It is the exhibition with the best exhibition effect, the most professional audience and the most complete industrial chain in the world, and the first choice for exhibitors and visitors. Almost all of the world's top exhibitors were present.

The organizer has a 26-year history of international exhibitions and conferences in the world's most influential markets. At present we have intersolar global series (Europe, North America, India, South America, Middle East, Iran), ees global series (Europe, North America, India, South America). Intersolar Europe is an international gathering of solar energy manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, project developers, investors and installers. Starting from 2017, smart grid and new energy vehicle charging technologies will be added to The Intersolar family to form The Smarter E with Intersolar and ees.

Market introduction:

Renewable energy storage solutions, from residential and commercial equipment to large storage systems that stabilize the power grid, are a strong growth market. The German solar energy association (BSW solar) predicts that the number of solar energy storage systems installed in Germany will double to 100,000 by the end of 2018. Meanwhile, the U.S. energy storage market is set to exceed $1 billion in capacity in 2018. With the rapid development of energy storage system, the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the falling price of rechargeable batteries, the application prospect of rechargeable batteries becomes more and more extensive. Total annual global sales of rechargeable battery technology are expected to reach $80 billion by 2020.

Many research institutions and companies are developing energy conversion solutions such as virtual power plants and energy storage communities. These developments indicate that power generation, energy storage, distribution and power consumption have become increasingly integrated. Intelligent renewable energy is a kind of renewable energy that integrates energy storage, energy storage, grid connection and energy management. Existing storage technologies are evolving, batteries are becoming more powerful, and custom systems integration solutions are emerging.

In addition to fixed energy storage systems, another focus area of the exhibition is battery research, battery production technology and battery materials, battery components and battery testing, and hydrogen fuel cell technology.