CIBF 2018 The 13th China international battery technology exchange conference shenzhen

2019-04-18 11:32:28 207


The China chemical and physical power industry association will hold the unprecedented 13th China international battery technology conference/exhibition (CIBF2018) in shenzhen convention and exhibition center from May 22 to 24, 2018. Simultaneously held: the 3rd China energy storage technology and application exhibition and the 2nd China mobile power supply exhibition. CIBF2018 has nearly 110,000 square meters of exhibition space and more than 4,800 booths, with more than 1,200 exhibitors expected. As of December 31, 2017, all booths of CIBF2018 have been sold out, with nearly 200 manufacturers still unable to meet the demand for exhibition.

CIBF2018 will focus on the global 3C battery, power battery, energy storage battery, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment and system solutions. In particular, it will highlight a series of achievements of China in the field of various new energy bus, passenger car and logistics vehicle power battery in the past two years. The CIBF2018 technology exchange conference will continue with the theme of "power battery and energy storage battery", focusing on the latest progress of power battery, energy storage battery and various materials. It is expected that more than 1,500 people from more than 50 countries and regions will attend the conference.